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Have you ever wanted to make eForms more secure?

While users have been able to apply a password to an eForm link, now they can enable One-Time Password SMS/Email or CAPTCHA authentications prior to accessing and within an eform.

Note: Authentication is only available for Professional & Enterprise accounts.



Note: OTP - SMS is limited to 40 SMS messages per month for the entire account.

To increase the limit, please contact us for pricing or sign up for your own Twilio account.


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How to enable authentication for eForm access

  1. Log into your account and navigate to your eForms grid.
  2. Click on the Share button (or Step 5 if you are creating/editing an eForm).
  3. Click on the Users & Security tab on the left and then the Security tab on the right.
  4. On the right, you will see the Authentication area. Click on the drop-down menu to select the authentication method you want to use.

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EForm authentication access displays and code reception

  1. OTP - SMS - eForm View
  2. SMS Reception

  3. OTP - EMAIL - eForm View

  4. EMAIL Reception

  5. CAPTCHA - eForm View

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How to insert authentication fields within an eForm

  1. Log into your account and navigate to your eForms grid.

  2. Create a new eForm or edit an existing one.

  3. While Editing/Creating the fields (on Step 2), you will see the Authentication field at the bottom of the Advanced Fields list.

  4. Click on the Authentication button to insert the field into your eForm.  It will look like this.
  5. Click on the radio button to select the type of authentication you wish to use.
    Functionality notes for the authentication field.
    1. OTP SMS & Email options both have the ability to be set as Unique.  This will prevent the same number or email address from being used to authenticate a submission more than once.
    2. OTP SMS messages are limited to 40 messages per month for the entire account.
    3. A total of three authentication fields can be in a single eForm.
    4. Duplicate authentication fields are not allowed.  Only one of each type may be added to an eForm.

  6. Once the fields have been entered into the eForm, they will appear like this.

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EForm user view and authentication behavior

  1. The authentication fields will be displayed respectively when a user fills out the form.

  2. As the user fills out and presses Get OTP for Email & SMS, they will see the following.

  3. Once the user enters the respective code and presses Verify, the fields will change to display the following.

  4. When the user checks the box for the CAPTCHA verification, they will see the following.

  5. Authentication fields will be displayed as follows in the submission PDF.

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