Embedded URL's Blocked

For security reasons, accounts are not allowed to open links from FilesAnywhere under another website.

The only exception to this is for Private Sites with Dedicated URL's.  However, by default this option is disabled.

Note: This option is not available for Business Starter plans.


I don't have a Dedicated URL

If you would like to obtain a Dedicated URL for your Professional site, you will need to contact your Account Representative and apply for it.  Please be aware that there will be an additional fee of $300/annual to maintain the security certificate for this request.

Note: If you make this change, you will need to re-send out FileShare/FileReceive/eForm links, as the default will no longer be valid.


I have a Dedicated URL and need embedding enabled

Once you have your Dedicated URL, you'll need to inform your Account Representative to have our team make the proper changes to allow embedded URL's for your site.



Still Have Questions?

If you need help or have additional questions please contact us.

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