Professional & Dedicated Site Client Side Setup for ZenKey

If you wish to use ZenKey in conjunction with your Professional or Dedicated Site, please follow the steps below.  Once you've finished the setup on your side, you'll need to notify FilesAnywhere of key information indicated at the end of this article.


Below are the steps the customer will have to follow and take the approval of their URLs from Zenkey.



Login to ZenKey Developer portal :



Navigate to Projects - > click on Configure a New Project:





Follow steps of new Project creation and at the end collect Client ID and Client secret:


If you would like to enable Zenkey


For user site, then add RedirectURI as:

For Dedicated site: <<WEBURL>>/zenkeylogin.aspx  (Where <<WEBURL>> is your vanity url)

For Private site:


For admin site, then add RedirectURI as:

For Dedicated admin site: <<AdminWEBURL>>/zenkeylogin.aspx  (Where <<AdminWEBURL>> is your vanity url)

For Private site:


Note: 'MYCOMPANY' is the part of your url that identifies your site.  If you are unsure what it is, examine your welcome email for the details.


Add User site and Admin site redirect URLs as per requirement and note down the ClientID and ClientSecret to provide it to FilesAnywhere:






Once the redirect URI setup is finished submit it for provisioning and when all carrier provider will approve it, request Zenkey support to move your project from DEV mode to Live mode:




When it is live then update ClientID and Client secret values to FilesAnywhere to enable ZenKey on your account.


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