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The versatility of eForms continues to evolve.  You can now collect payments through your eForm with the Payment field. These secure payments will be processed through third-party merchants.

Note: Payment Fields are only available for use by Professional Accounts


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Adding a Payment Field to an eForm

1) Log into your account.


2) Navigate to the eForms dashboard by clicking on eForms at the top of the screen.


3) Once on the eForms dashboard, click the Edit button to edit your existing form.


4) Once you are on Step 2, look on the right-hand side and scroll down in the Advanced Fields section.  The payment field will be at the bottom.  Click on it to add it to your form.



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Key Components of the Payment Field



Reminder: It is recommended for best practices to use OTP Authentication in conjunction with the Payment Gateway.


1) Select the payment gateway type.  You can set up for credit card transactions, Paypal, or both.  You can also enable sandbox mode if you wish to test out this field before making it live.






2) Select the amount.  You can set a fixed amount or you can have it calculate the amount based on a field already defined within your form.

Fixed amount


Field Amount



A) By default, the currency type is USD, but you can select a different currency type from the dropdown.


B) When selecting your Field Amount, you'll need to provide the Filed Name for the associated field and enter it in the Expression area.  That is located here.


3) Select a payment receipt option.  If you wish to provide a guest with an email receipt, you can enable this box and then select from the options offered.


  • Guest user's email - This will generate a text field below the payment option for the guest to enter their email address before submitting their payment.
  • Form Owner - This will send the receipt to the eForm owner's email address.
  • Email Field - If you already have an email field provided in the form, you will be able to select it from the options as well.
  • Additional Recipients - You can add additional email addresses that you wish to be notified of payment receipts.


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Payment Field Displays

eForm Display
This is what the payment field will look like when guests see it on the eform.

  • Authorize.Net
  • PayPal


Submission PDF
The amount and the transaction ID will be displayed



eForm Submission Entry

The amount and the transaction ID will be displayed, but will not be editable.



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