Admin Console - Set Custom Watermarks on FileShare Link Defaults for New Users

Watermarking can help deter unauthorized re-sharing of sensitive information in your users' accounts.  Here's how to set up a default Watermark for your new users.


Reminder: FileShare Default options only apply to new user defaults 


1) Log into the Admin Console.


2) Click on Site Configuration from the top of the screen.



3) On the left, click on FileShare Defaults.



4) On the right, scroll down to the Watermark section.


The features available for watermarking are:

  • Custom text field - You can enter your own text to appear on the file.
  • Position - The location of the watermark can be on the bottom (footer) or the center of the page.
  • Size - The size of the text can range from 8px to 24px.
  • Color - The color of the watermark text can be Grey, White, Red, Green, Blue, or Black.
  • Recipient's Email Address - Selecting this will place the recipient's email.  If the link is generated instead of being sent, it will display GENERALLINK instead.
  • FileShare ID - Selecting this will display the unique id for the FileShare.
  • Destination IP Address - Selecting this will display the IP address of the recipient's device.
  • Download Timestamp - Selecting this will display the timestamp of the download.

5) Don't forget to save your changes.



Watermarking is only supported for the following file types.

Support Document Types:


Support Image Types:




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