Admin Console - How to create a user

Are you looking for the basics on how to create a user for a colleague?  Follow these steps below.


1) Log into your admin console.

2) On the Dashboard screen, on the left, you have a button for Add User, click on it.

3) On this new screen, fill in the personal details

4) Scroll down. At the Username and Password fields, enter the  username you want this user to use to log in.

NOTE: The password field can be left blank if you want the user to enter their own password after the account is created.

5) Scroll down.  Now you have to decide if you want to give the user their own personal storage space, if so, check the box under Storage Space labeled "Assign Personal Space" and allocate the amount of storage you want them to have.
You can share an existing folder from another user, for them to use.  If it's the later, then you will:
  A)Click the button next to "Choose user"
  B)Check the box next to the user that owns the folder to select them
  C) Press the blue Select User button. 
  D) Now that the user has been selected you will click the button next to the Choose Folder field.
  E) Navigate through the folder list and click on the folder you want to share so that it is highlighted in blue.
  F) Press the blue Select Folder button.
  G) Now that you have the folder selected, you will need to assign a GroupShare permission.  Click on the dropdown menu and select the permission level you want.  The tooltip to the right of the text will explain these options.
   H) Once the permission level is selected, decide if the Folder needs an Expiration and set it.
   I) After you decide on the expiration, click the Add Shared Folder button and the GroupShare will be populated in the list below.

6) After you have followed these steps, you can now press the blue button to Save and Close.
This will create the user and send an email to the user providing them the account details.


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