Admin Console - How to Register for an Autodesk Account and Link it to Your Plugin

Our service now supports AutoDesk for viewing AutoCad drawing files within your account.

Note: This is only available for Professional accounts.


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How to register for an Autodesk account and Create an App

1) Go to

2) If you don’t have an existing account, signup for a new account using the Sign Up To Try Forge button


3) If you have an existing account, in the top right-hand corner, click on Sign in


4) Once signed into your account, click on Create App button on the top right corner


5) On the form that opens, fill in the following details to create the app.

A) App Name - what you want to call your app

B) App description - provide a description for the app you are creating

C) Callback URL - enter

D) Your Website URL - This is optional and not necessary for app creation

E) APIs - Make sure that Model Derivative API is selected from the list of available APIs.


6) Click on the Create App button to finalize your creation.

7) You will see a confirmation at the top of the next screen.


8) On the app confirmation page, you will need to copy the Client ID and Client Secret


9) Copy and paste these values to your FilesAnywhere AutoCAD Configuration section within the Admin  Console


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How to Link your Autodesk app to the plugin within the Admin Console

1) Log into your Admin Console

2) Click on Site Configuration at the top of the screen


3) Click on Plugins on the left hand side

4) Scroll down to the Autodesk plugin

5) Enter your Autodesk Client ID & Autodesk Client Secret.



6) Click the Save Site Configuration button to save your changes

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