Admin Console - How to GroupShare a folder

Users can share folders with other users, but as an admin, you can do the same within the Admin console.


1) Log into the admin console.


2) Click on Users from the menu and then select Users from the dropdown.



3) Navigate to the user that you want the folders to be shared to, not the user that owns the files.  Click on the user's name to edit them.


4) In the Users Details, scroll down to the Folder Sharing section of the screen to start the process of GroupSharing a folder to this user.



5) In the first area, Select username or shared folder, you need to either enter the username that owns the folders/files or click on the button next to the "Choose User" field and select the user



6) In the second are, Select folders that user can access, press the button to the right of the field and then choose the folder from the popup.



7) In the third area, Assign folder permission, click on the dropdown menu and select the permission level you want the user to use.




8) In the fourth area, Assign folder expiration, select if you want the GroupShare to expire after a certain length of time.  Leave it as Never Expires if you wish for it to remain permanently.




9) Click on the Add Share Folder button to complete the process.




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