Faxing Limitations

In order to continue to offer our fax service at no additional fee we've made the decision to implement the following limitations on faxes.

  • Only 4 faxes can be sent to the same number at a time.  If you need to send more, then you will have to wait till one or more faxes finishes before sending another.

  • Incoming and Outgoing faxes are limited to 25 pages total (this includes the cover page).  This is necessary to keep the fax lines flowing for our customers and to prevent bottlenecking with massive fax documents.

Note: You will need to notify anyone sending faxes to your inbound fax number of this limitation.  At this time, they will have no way of knowing that the fax was rejected if they exceed 25 pages.

Note: These limits cannot be waved for any account.


Still Have Questions?

If you need help or have additional questions, please contact us.

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