How to Run CoolBackup Pro as a Service

When installing CoolBackup Pro on a server, you will need to set up the program so that it runs as Service.  This will allow CoolBackup to run without a user being logged into the server in question.


1) In the Advanced Mode, on the Scheduler tab, click on the dropdown menu for the type of scheduler to use.  Select Service Scheduler from the dropdown

2) Notice that your Scheduler window will change to display additional options.  From here, you will see a message that reads "Access denied - please run this program as administrator"
3) Click on the Run As Administrator button and follow your system's prompts to do so.

4) Once the program is running as an administrator, you will see a new message that reads "The specified service does not exist as an installed service".  We now need to install it as a service.
5) Click on the Install Service... button

6) ​A new popup will appear requesting the server's admin username and password.  Fill in the information required and press OK to continue

7) If the information is entered correctly, you will see one additional popup ​that indicates the service was installed correctly

​8) Now that the Scheduler is installed as a service, you will see a final message that says "The Service is stopped"
9) Click on the Start Service button to start the scheduler

10) Once you do this, the profile at the bottom will turn blue and the scheduler activity will update with the running status and indicate that "the Service is running"

11) Now CoolBackup is running as a service and you can close out this window.  The program will run without further attention at the next scheduled start time.


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