Creating a GroupShare

Step-by-Step Instructions: Creating a GroupShare

Features. You want them. We have them! And one of the coolest is the GroupShare feature. By creating a GroupShare, you can provide access to the contents of entire folder(s) with other users. With options that allow you to control the way your data is shared, you can create just the right collaborative environment. Need more information on GroupShare? You got it!

Note: You need to have more than one user associated with your account to make use of the GroupShare feature.  To add/manage additional users, click here.


How to access the GroupShare window:

You can access the GroupShare feature in one of four ways. 

1) With the Share tab:

  • Click Share tab at the top of the screen.
  • Then click on the Create GroupShare button.

2) Within the List View:

  • Click on the Share File/Folder button to the right of a folder.
  • Then click on the GroupShare button.

3) Within the Icon View:

  • Click on the menu icon in the top right-hand corner of the folder.
  • Then navigate to Send/Share and click on the GroupShare button.


4) Within the Tree View:

  • Right click on the folder in question to pull up the menu.
  • Then navigate to Send/Share and click on the GroupShare button.


How to create a GroupShare:

Once you have the GroupShare window open, follow these steps to set up a GroupShare folder.

1) Enter the username(s) you wish to grant access by:

A) Typing in the Select User/Group text field...

Note: You can separate multiple usernames with a semicolon.


B) Clicking on the Search Users button...

and then selecting the user(s) and pressing the Add Selected Users & Close button.


2) Select the Permission level for the GroupShare.


  • Create & Update: The user can add & modify data, but they cannot delete any data.
  • Full Access: The user can add, modify, and delete data.
  • Master Access: The user can add, modify, delete, and share this GroupShare to other users.
  • Preview Only: The user can only preview data.
  • Read Only: The user can only preview and download data.  They cannot modify or delete data.
  • Upload Only: The user can only upload data.

3)  Select the Expiration for the GroupShare.

  • Custom - Allows you to set a specific date and hourly time for the expiration to occur.
  • 24 hours to 180 days - Allows you to used predefined expiration ranges.
  • Never Expires - Will prevent the GroupShare from expiring.


3) Click on the Add User/Group button to finalize your settings.


Still Have Questions?

If you need help or have additional questions about creating a GroupShare, please contact us.

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