New Look: How to Set up Inbound Faxing.

Obtaining Your Fax Number for receiving faxes

Do you need to send or receive a fax, but don't have a fax machine? No problem! Paid FilesAnywhere accounts with more than one user can send and receive faxes. If your paid account only has one user, simply upgrade your account to two or more users to obtain your dedicated fax number. 

Let's Get Started:

  1. Login to your FilesAnywhere account.
  2. Click the My Profile Icon in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Select My Account


3.  Under "Settings" choose "Service Plugins"


4. Under "FilesAnywhere Fax Service" check the box that says "Receive Faxes".  Your FilesAnywhere Fax number will show up next to the box once it's checked.  



  • Only paid multi-user accounts may receive faxes.
  • Paid FilesAnywhere accounts may send up to 500 local faxes or 100 international faxes per month. You may receive unlimited incoming faxes.
  • Faxes must be no more than 25 pages at a time (including the cover page).  If you exceed that amount, the fax will be denied and you will receive a Fax Blocked from Dialing Phone Number email notification.
  • Regardless of geographic location, the fax number assigned will have a Dallas/Fort Worth area code. 
  • Existing phone numbers can not be forwarded to your new fax number
  • Faxes and their numbers cannot be branded


Still, Have Questions?

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