Introducing FilesAnywhere's New Look

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve and today we’re excited to announce FilesAnywhere's New user interface. It’s a tidier sleek look and feel with all the great FilesAnywhere features you know and love to keep your data secure and users stay productive through change.

The New user interface currently provides:

  • FileShare Links - Securely send files and folders with guest links.
  • FileReceive Links - Securely receive files with guest links.
  • GroupShares - Role-based access sharing for internal users.
  • Viewer - Quickly view various file types online
  • Data Restore- Restore accidentally deleted data.
  • Version Tracking- A convenient way to work with others. This allows for multi-user editing.
  • Docusign-  Securely send and sign documents 
  • Faxing- Quickly send a fax without needing a fax machine.
  • Online Editors- Edit documents on the fly using editors Microsoft Office or Zoho
  • Direct Link- Allows you to link users directly to a file or folder.

In the months to come, we will be adding more features and modules to the new look and will keep Users informed as features become available.

Switch to the New look now, by selecting My Profile, Switch to New

Learn more about the New interface with our quick start guide: 

New Look Quick Start Guide


Still, Have Questions?

If you need help or have additional questions please contact us.

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