Configuring Generic SAML 2.0

Please follow the below steps to complete the SSO configuration


Step#1) Configure FilesAnywhere as a trusted application in Identity provider using below metadata:


Field Name Field Value
Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL


I.E. ""

Entity ID
Signing Algorithm RSA_SHA 256

SAML token attributes to be passed



Please note that Application attribute needs to be configured with the exact name.


Application Attribute IDP Attribute/Value Comments
clientid  [ClientId] Unique identity of your account in FilesAnywhere that is located on your login portal
UserPrincipalName  SAML_SUBJECT Unique identity of user in FilesAnywhere Email  
User.FirstName First Name  
User.LastName Last Name  
User.Groups memberOf Group Info





















Step#2) Submit Identity provider metadata and request to configure your application in FilesAnywhere please Click here


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