Admin Console - File Download Report

The File Download Report shows a summary of all downloads made within the site. These downloads can be made by either logging with the account credentials and downloading a folder(s)/file(s) or using a FileShare Link to download the data from the account.

*In order for the report to record uploads, you will need to make sure that each or both options below are enabled.*

When you select the File Download Report you will be given multiple search selections such as Username, File Path, Start Date, End Date, and Source. Source has the option to edit which protocols you would like it to search for. 


A. Username - Username - Input the username you would like to search by, only that specific user's files will appear in the report.

B. Search by File Path - Input text to narrow down the search parameters

C. Start Date - Choose the date for report parameters 

D. End Date - Choose the date for report parameters 

E. Source - Selection of protocols/sources used to download the data

**Administrative Tips - Administrator account can enable Required FileShare Link Tracking**


Note: Starting November 29th, 2023 the WebDAV feature will be limited to legacy accounts only and will not be available for new accounts.



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