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FilesAnywhere Professional & Enterprise accounts offer 20 different reports accessible within the Admin Console. Please follow the steps below to find the one that best fits your needs.

1. Login to your Admin Console


2. Navigate to the Reports tab


3. Select the Report you would like to see


Information that report will display

**These reports have additional search fields**                       

  • Account Summary Report - General account information, summary statistics of users license and storage space, and basic user statistics.
  • Admin Login Activity Report -Administrators that have successfully logged into the Admin portal.
  • Checked Out Files Report - Currently checked out files and by whom.
  • FileReceive Link Report - FileReceive Links created by users
  • Failed Admin Login Activity Report - Administrators that have unsuccessfully attempted to log in to the Admin portal.
  • Failed Login Activity Report - Users that have unsuccessfully attempted to log in to the User portal.
  • File Check-in/Check-out History Report - History of all checked-in/checked-out actions done within the site.
  • File History/Link Tracking Report - History of all actions done to files within the site.**
  • FileShare Link Report - FileShare Links created by users.
  • File Upload Report - Uploaded file/folders and the method used.**
  • File Download Report - Downloaded file/folders and the method used.**
  • Folder General Report - Folder structure of the account.**
  • Folder Content Report - Entire folder content (files/folders) of the site.**
  • Global Setting Changes Report - All the site settings modified within the admin console.
  • GroupShare Activity Report - GroupShares and their actions made within the site.
  • Login activity Report - Users that have successfully logged in to the User portal.**
  • Shared Data Report - Permissions of GroupShares for Users.**
  • Space Usage Report - Amount of storage each user is using and other storage statistics.
  • User Data Report - Data statistics for each user.
  • User Setting Changes Report - User modifications made within the admin console.
  • Fax Log Report- Fax transmission data for all site.


The reports can be download as PDF, Excel, TIFF, and Word.

**Pro Tip: If your computer does not have Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word you can upload the file to your account and view it using the Zoho Editor, Google Docs Editor, and Microsoft Office Online Editor**


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