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An Overview of Features within the Account Settings Screen 

Getting started with your FilesAnywhere account? How exciting! There's so much you can do with our feature-rich service, we know you're eager to begin sharing and collaborating. First we'd like to show you the Account Settings screen. It's a convenient place where you can review and update your billing information, make changes to your plan, and manage users. If you would like step-by-step instructions for changing information contained within the Account Settings screen, we also offer these tutorials:

Account Details Section


Fields within the Account Details Section:

  • Account Type: Displays the type of account you have currently.
  • Drive Space:  Displays the total drive space available in your current plan.
  • Users:  Displays the total number of users in your current plan.
  • Upgrade your Plan: This allows you to manually upgrade your storage space and amount of users.
  • Drive Space Utilized: The bar is a graphic display of the space used/available in your account. Selecting the refresh button will recalculate storage and display the most current storage usage information. If you are over your allocated storage amount and would like to add more storage to your account, simply select the Upgrade your storage link in the Drive Space Utilized field.
  • Updated: Displays the last time you refreshed your storage.
  • Account Type: Displays the type of account you have currently.
  • Total Storage Space: Displays the total amount of storage space your account covers.
  • Account Status: This will display an active status for active accounts. If you have recently chosen to cancel your account and chosen to end your subscription at the end of the period, the pending cancellation date will be displayed.

Workgroup Details Section

Note: This section will only display if you have a multi-user account.


Fields within the Workgroup Details Section:

  • WorkGroup Plan: Display the account type and number of sub-users allowed on the account.
  • Workgroup Space: Displays the total storage space available to your account, including the primary and subaccounts.
  • Primary User Space: Displays the number of primary accounts available to be assigned.
  • SubUsers Available: Displays the number of subaccounts available to be assigned.
  • Add WorkGroup User Button: This allows you to add a new Workgroup user. 
  • Pencil Icon: Allows you to make changes to subaccounts, such as changing a password, permissions, or deleting a user.
  • Trashcan Icon: Allows you to delete selected subaccounts.
  • Add Current User: Add a user that already exists in the system. They should have been a part of your workgroup previously or should have the same Credit Card Details as yours.

Important Information Regarding Account Settings

  • One-year, two-year, and three-year contracts are discounted.
  • You may upgrade anytime by clicking Upgrade Your Plan
  • Upgrading from a free to a paid account with more than one user unlocks special features, including Media Streaming, a full-text Search Index, Online Viewer, and multiple user accounts that are granted an inbound fax number.
  • The Upgrade process is immediate; your account will reflect the new storage level when you log off and log in again.

Still, Have Questions?

If you need help or have additional questions about logging in, please contact us.

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