Getting Started


Welcome to FilesAnywhere.  We've worked hard to create a service that fits your needs. We encourage you to explore our most popular features, our knowledge base of helpful articles, and learn more about how to use your account:

Here's a list of common features that will help you get started using FilesAnywhere:

  • Upload - Upload files to your account with these methods to get started.
  • Share Files - Instantly share files with FileShare links.
  • Receive Files - Create a FileReceive link and receive files.
  • Collaborate - Share a folder with another user with GroupShare.
  • Fax - Send a fax online with your FilesAnywhere account.
  • Receive Faxes - Receiving faxes with an inbound fax number.
  • Restore Files - Use Data Restore for accidental deletions.
  • Go Mobile - Download our free apps for iOS or Android.


Still Have Questions?

If you need help or have additional questions about upload methods, please contact us. 

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