File Sharing Overview

Sharing Files is Easy with FilesAnywhere!

Your FilesAnywhere account eliminates the need for cumbersome email attachments, file size limits, and even expensive office equipment. How? By harnessing the power of the cloud. You can share files, folders, pictures, and fax from your computer or your favorite mobile device using these features.



FileShare allows you to share files with anyone, even if the recipient isn't a FilesAnywhere user. Select the file(s) you would like to send, choose the FileShare button, and enter your recipient's email address(es). A FileShare link is generated that can then be emailed or copied/pasted to your desired location. Recipients just click the link to download the files you shared. FileShare also comes with enhanced features, such as permissions, tracking, and history, giving you the ability to control your data. 

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You can designate a folder to receive files from anyone, even if the sender isn't a FilesAnywhere user. FileReceive Links can be emailed, or copied/pasted to your desired location. The sender clicks the link, adds the file(s), and sends them straight to your account. FileReceive Links also come with advanced elements, such as individually designated folders, password protection, and link tracking, giving you the ability to manage incoming information.

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GroupShare is a powerful tool that allows you to share folders and collaborate with other FilesAnywhere users. Available on Web Basic, Web Advanced, WorkGroup, and Corporate accounts, simply select the folder you wish to share and click the GroupShare button. A prompt allows you to add users and individually assign permissions so that you can regulate the way data is shared. You may also change these settings at anytime to allow more or less access to shared folders.

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All FilesAnywhere accounts have the ability to fax documents via the web to anywhere in the world. Like other FilesAnywhere features, faxing is simple and intuitive. Select the file you'd like to fax, click the SendFax button, and then fill in the requested fields. You can elect to send a cover page and even save copies of all sent faxes. A fax viewer allows you to access a complete fax history with more options to search, resend, forward, or delete selected files for easy organization.

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Picture Links


Sharing pictures has never been easier! From personal photographs to professional albums, Picture Link allows you to share as many photos as you like without the size limitations of email attachments. You can add photographs, create individual links, and then share the link with friends, family, clients, or post in forums you like to visit. FilesAnywhere also generates HTML code for your photo, giving you additional options for embedding your picture in HTML documents. 

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The Esend option is a highly secure data transfer between FilesAnywhere user accounts. No data is transferred over the Internet, but rather behind our firewall. All that's required is the selection of files and the recipient's FilesAnywhere username. The selected files are copied to the recipient's Inbox and an email notification lets them know that new files have arrived. Esend delivery is instant and supports any file size (as long it does not exceed the recipient's maximum storage available. Note: Files may only be transferred to accounts of the same type, e.g. free to free or personal paid to personal paid. 

Send Local Files 


You can also upload and email local files in one screen. Click the Send Local Files button, select your destination folder, click the Add Files button, and choose the file(s) you wish to upload and send. The final step is adding recipient(s) email addresses. When you click Send, FilesAnywhere takes care of uploading the file and emailing the FileShare link in just one step. Once complete, click the destination folder to view your uploaded file. 

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